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Car Show Notes is all about the ride.

Life is busy, every now and then you just want to catch up on a car show. Car Show Notes is just a little blast that will hit your email at least once a month, keeping you posted on new photos and car show dates. We only need your email address nothing else and we promise to keep it private using it only for Car Show Notes. Look for photographs of cars that didn't make the Carshow Gallery, info on car shows and updates on our love of the ride.


We only need your email, your privacy is always respected. We do not like a lot of stuff coming at us daily so Car Show Notes are sent-out only when new photos or car show news is happening. This is just a little "Hey! looks whats up," in our world of the California Car Show and The Ranchero and the Blue Q.


Shooting Digital

There are a lot of different car shows. Professional venues, street shows, park shows, car runs, poker runs, exotic, pre 70’, mopars, fabulous fords, roadsters, lowriders, trucks, vans, kustom.

Shooting a classic car show is an adventure. When we first started The Ranchero and the Blue Q it was just about taking photos of cars for the fun of it. Taking photographs at car shows is not easy especially because car shows come with a lot of challenges, so here are a few things we have learned about shooting a car show from a truly amateur point of view.

 Double Trouble willys cruisin for a cure 65bbq

Double Trouble willys cruisin for a cure 65bbq

September 22, 2018

An amazing car show for a great cause. This little bit of double trouble didn't make it into the Carshow Gallery. The background was a total distraction, by blurring all the noise the car is given the opportunity to shine. Catch the Notes and find a little bit of beauty, updates on car shows and a quick reminder that The Ranchero and the Blue Q loves capturing the ride.